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Garamella, Seward & Associates, Inc.
Frank J. Garamella
Lee W. Seward
Garamella, Seward & Associates, Inc.
Specialists in Supplemental Benefits

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St. Louis, Missouri  63139
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Success has been defined as:

"The point at which preparation meets opportunity"

If we strategically partner to ensure detailed preparation, whether
it is plan design, carrier selection, or implementation methods,
we are well positioned, when presented with the
opportunity to
work with current and prospective employer clients, to conduct
a professional, efficient and
successful implementation of work-
site benefits.
Since our incorporation in 1985, our firm (GSA, INC.) has been focused
on all facets of Worksite Benefit Planning on a national basis.  We intro-
duce our programs into medium to large employers ranging from as few
as 50 employees for a local employer with only 1 location, to over 13,000
employees of a multi-state employer with over 125 locations.

With more than
80 years of combined experience in the life and health
insurance industry, Frank J. Garamella, and Lee W. Seward have a
long-term commitment to this important area of benefit planning.  We have
positioned our firm as a
"Strategic Partner" to the community of brokers,
agents, and carriers, to provide their larger clients with choices among the
industry's finest supplemental worksite benefits products and services.

The Implementation of these important,
, benefit programs enables an employer to expand and enhance
their employee benefit package, to share their size and administrative
capacity with their employees (Team Members, Business Partners), and
to introduce products and services the employees could not duplicate on
an individual basis.  A comprehensive employee benefit package com-
prised of employer provided and employee funded coverage options is
an important element when competing to attract and retain the highest
quality employees.